Jessica Simpson’s 'Jewel'

07 Dec 2011

Jess Simpson is keen to stick to a theme for her babies names!

Jessica Simpson is so convinced that she is having a girl that she has already picked out the poppet’s name before she knows the baby’s sex.

My source tells me, Jess is due to have the scan this week to determine whether she is having a girl or a boy but is already calling her bump Jewel.

My source says, “The possibility that she could be having a boy hasn’t even crossed her mind. She has already come up with a name she adores and has called her bump Jewel. She’s got an array of pink clothes and the thought that she will have her very own daughter was the inspiration behind her girls collection clothing line.”

“All I can say is, poor thing if she is having a boy.”

According to my mole, Jessica is keen on keeping a theme to her children’s names. Either beginning with the same letter or linked in some way.

My source concludes, “She loves the name Jem, Ruby and Saph and wants there to be some kind of word association there.”

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