Jessica Biel Flashes her Bling

JT's bride-to-be has been keeping her engagement ring hidden, but she finally showed off the sparkler!
Sunday , 11 March 2012
Jessica Biel Flashes her Bling
Jess has got quite a rock

Well we can certainly say it was worth the wait! Notoriously press shy Jessica Biel finally decided to take her engagement ring out for a little spin and the T’Town paps were there to snap it up. The actress ate lunch with hubby-to-be, Justin Timberlake, at Tavern in Brentwood and showed off her very large square-cut diamond with slightly rounded edges. While the ring doesn’t look vintage, it certainly has an old-fashioned feel to it. The large stone is surrounded by many smaller stones and the band is also sprinkled with small diamonds.

The carat size is not known yet, but it’s already being called one of the biggest diamonds in Hollywood! Of course, there’s plenty of competition for bling in T’Town. Remember Kim Kardashian’s 20.5-carat ring or Paris Hilton’s 24-carat canary diamond? Jessica’s ring doesn’t look quite that big, but we still have to say, well done JT!

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