Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's "Completely Insane" Confession

23 Mar 2013

Can you imagine Jessica Alba as a "precocious little stinker"? We've got more!

Jessica Alba admits she was a "completely insane" child. - who has two daughters, Honor, four, and Haven, 20 months, with her husband Cash Warren - claims she was a very naughty child and never listened to authority.

Asked what she was like as a child, the 31-year-old actress told designer clothing website "Crazy. I was completely insane. I was a precocious little stinker and challenged authority left and right."

The budding entrepreneur, who recently launched her own lifestyle brand and book The Honest Life with tips for healthy eating and parenting, revealed that her own children are also extremely "strong willed".

She said: "They're both pretty strong willed in their own ways. I grew up in an environment where kids are seen, not heard, and I don't really do that with them. I bring [my older daughter] Honor into our environment, have her travel with us and expose her to a lot of different cultures and experiences. When I was younger, my parents didn't necessarily do that. I did it on my own by choosing to be an actor at a young age."

Jessica recently admitted that she didn't always "make the right choices" in Hollywood but launching her own eco-friendly lifestyle company has given her a new self-confidence in her abilities.

She said: "Honest Company has weirdly allowed me to be more creative in my roles, and really work with people I love and appreciate and want to learn from. This is where my work is now. For me, acting was a lot about making the right choices and trusting my instincts. I didn't always listen to my gut and make the right choice."