Jessica Alba Says Bye-Bye Belly

How Jessica’s fighting to get her fantastic pre-baby body back!
Monday , 12 September 2011
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba and daughter, Honor Marie
Jessica Alba and daughter, Honor Marie

She’s never been shy about how tough it is to get back in shape after having a baby – but Jessica Alba’s giving new mums everywhere a little extra hope by reassuring them she’s having to work just as hard as they are to kiss her baby belly goodbye! The gorgeous Spy Kids 4  star gave birth to her second daughter, Haven Garner, just four weeks ago,  but she’s already back in her gym kit, focusing on a healthy slim-down, and tweeting encouragement to other mums kicking off their post-pregnancy fitness regimes.

War on wobbles
While many Hollywood stars claim their baby weight just falls off,  Jessica admits that she’d much rather be a gym dodger than a slave to the treadmill. “ I hate working out” she recently spilled. “But I know that going to the gym every day, even just for 45 minutes, is good for my mental state.” And while the stunning star says she lacks motivation, especially when all she wants to do is spend time with her new daughter, she’s taking it slow and steady in her quest for getting reunited with her pre-pregnancy figure. “I did my first workout since I had the baby” Tweeted a proud Jessica last week. “Just cardio for 40 minutes - well, it’s a start!’

Fantastic and fit!
Snapped looking svelte in spandex pants and a tank on her way to the gym in LA last week, Fantastic Four star Jess isn’t going workout-crazy in the early, post-baby days, just making sure she gets her heart rate going on a daily basis. “My doc told me I could start after 2 weeks” she Tweeted. “I’m going light, stationary bike and elliptical.” But die-hard outdoorsy girl Jess is not just restricting her workouts to the confines of the gym. Using her Twitter account to give tips to fellow new mums struggling with their workouts, Jess suggests fitting exercise in around mothering duties to amp up your efforts. “Start with walking, and throw in 3 sets of lunges 20 per leg” says multi-tasking mum Jess, who’s started going on ‘dirty and smelly hikes’ around the Hollywood hills. “ Your could even do it while strolling your baby.” And as the her shape-up and slim-down plan continues, Jessica is said to be consulting long-term trainer Ramona Braganza to replicate the workout programme she stuck to following the birth of her first daughter, Honor Marie, three years ago. “Jessica was working out for an hour, five or six days a week” says celebrity fitness fave, Ramona. “She was big into the 12-week, 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone workout, since it kept her moving with 10-minute sets of cardio, circuit training, and core training. In addition, Jessica was swimming, weight lifting, and using her treadmill at home.”

No nibbles, no quibbles!
In addition to her daily workouts, 30-year-old Jessica is also keeping to a very strict diet to help shift those extra kilos. “I have a hard time with portion control, so I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered” she spilled, just weeks before the baby arrived. But it’s not all lettuce leaves and miserable looking miniature meals. “I would keep your diet as healthy as possible 6 days a week and give yourself one day to indulge” recommends Jess, who also advocates drinking plenty of water to help flush out the system. Sensible slimming, do-able workouts, and even days off for pizza and ice-cream treats? Now that’s the kind of post-pregnancy advice new mums really want!lucy

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