Jesse Hospitalised After Balcony Fall

Actor knocked unconscious after 40ft fall
Wednesday , 12 November 2008
Jesse Hospitalised After Balcony Fall

Former DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star JESSE METCALFEis recovering in a London hospital after falling from a balcony in Monaco on Sunday night.

Jesse reportedly hit his head and was left unconscious after slipping between a gap in a pathway at an afterparty following the World Music Awards,
which took place in the tiny principality.

A spokesperson for the actor has confirmed emergency crews rushed to the scene after the star tumbled a staggering 40 feet (12 metres).

The actor was taken to a hospital in Monaco before being flown back to London, where he is currently staying, on Monday. He was kept overnight and remains in medics' care.

Jesse miraculously escaped the fall without suffering any broken bones and is scheduled for release this week pending results of MRI scans.

A spokesperson for the actor tells British newspaper The Sun, "He is a very, very lucky man. The accident could have been fatal.

"I have just come from the hospital and he is baring up OK. He has not broken anything but can barely walk as he hasn't got much movement in his legs.

"Midway through the aftershow party at Jimmy'z on Sunday night he headed back to his hotel to change out of his suit so he could be more comfortable. On his way back he slipped 40 feet and was knocked unconscious. He was immediately taken to a hospital in Monaco and given X-rays.

"Doctors didn't speak much English so as soon as we landed in London yesterday we had him re-examined at a London hospital. They wanted to keep him in overnight so he could have a MRI test today. Fingers crossed he'll get the green light to get released tonight. Jesse knows he's had a very lucky

Certain the fall could've been avoided the spokesperson adds, "We are going to speak to the organisers of the World Music Awards as the pathway was very dangerous and we heard someone else tripped up as well. It is an issue that
needs to be addressed."