Jess Regrets Nude Pics

30 Oct 2008

Actress says she "screwed up" over topless shots

Hollywood beauty JESSICA BIEL regrets being pressured into topless shots for a US men's magazine.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre star, 26, was persuaded to pose for the racy pictures in 2000 to shed her angelic image.

But she admits she now rues agreeing to the photoshoot.

She says, "It was supposed to show me being sexier and more mature. The idea was: Look at me- I am a woman, growing up. I had male managers at the time, who were really excited about the photoshoot.

"The truth is, though, I was in way over my head. I remember calling my dad and saying: 'I screwed up. I went too far and did not stand up for myself.'"