Jess Is Preggars

02 Nov 2011

As we revealed, Jessica is definitely pregnant...

As we revealed weeks ago, Jessica Simpson is pregnant. And, Jess has now confirmed she is with child, “It’s true... I’m going to be a mummy!” she revealed, while wearing a mummy costume last week.

According to my impeccably placed sources, Jessica has been on a secret baby shop for clothes for her child, is planning a baby J clothing range to add to her hugely successful fashion label and is coming up with names.

My source said, “Her mum often goes out on her behalf to pick out baby clothes because if she were to do it then she’d getting spotted.”

“The current colour scheme is yellow because she doesn’t want to know if it’s a boy or a girl. She wants to be surprised.”

“She has come up with names for if it’s either a boy or a girl. She loves Scarlett, Daisy or Jacob.”

Jessica has to be one of the highest earning celebrities of 2011. With her fashion empire creeping well over Dhs2 billion she certainly has enough money to splash out on her little one.

And, according to my mole, she plans to cash in on her very own bundle of joy by naming a clothing range after the special poppet – titled baby J.

My source adds, “It’s named after her, J for Jessica, but is obviously in relation to her being pregnant. She will launch it next year but designs are already on the drawing board.”

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