Jermaine high fives fellow spectators after catching the ball

Jermaine Is On The Ball

11 Aug 2009

MJ’s brother learns to laugh again after brother’s death

JERMAINE JACKSON was the toast of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Friday night when he caught a foul ball during the home team's baseball clash with the Atlanta Braves.

The singer, who has been mourning the loss of brother Michael for the past month, finally had something to smile about when a Dodgers slugger misjudged a pitch and drilled a second-inning stray ball into the crowd.

Jackson caught the ball and was cheered by the crowd.

A Dodgers spokesman says, "I don't think he'll be giving the ball back. He seemed very excited.

"Unfortunately, his magic touch wasn't enough to get us a victory - the Braves went on to win the game, 9-5, in 12 innings."