Jeremih Will Occupy Sundays in Dubai

Jeremih Will Occupy Sundays in Dubai

09 Jan 2014

The RnB singer will be performing at Cavalli Club in Dubai

For those of you who can’t wait for Justin Timberlake to strut on stage later this year, international superstar Jeremih is bringing his seductive vocals to the UAE this week.

The silky singer will be the very first act to perform at Cavalli Club’s newest night Occupy Sundays which kicks off on 11 January with its official launch party.

Jeremih, who is behind hits Birthday Sex, Down On Me, and All The Time, will have his female fans swooning at his very intimate performance.

“We are the one percent” is now synonymous with Occupy Sundays, a unique brand identity.  The campaign aims to target the crème de la crème of the social scene from fashionistas to socialites and celebrities i.e. “The One Percent”.

The campaign urges people to log onto their website and take the test to find out if they qualify. If successful, selected individuals will receive an email confirmation inviting them to the exclusive launch of Occupy Sundays, which is scheduled to take place on 11 of January at Cavalli Club Dubai.

With quirky brand apparel, such as t-shirts, caps and wristbands people may have noticed members wearing items about town or uploading images on social media sites.

Occupy Sundays will start its global tour this week at the luxurious Cavalli Club Dubai and promises to be a spectacular weekly event for music lovers from all around the world.