Jenny Craig Diet

The one with experts to help you eat yourself thin
Monday , 02 May 2011
Jenny Craig Diet
Carrie Fisher

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WHAT’S INVOLVED: The Jenny Craig programme ensures someone is guiding you along the way. An adviser offers a customised plan that’s meant to be easy for you to adapt to. They also monitor your progress, thus ensuring you’re kept motivated during those periods when you want to reach for the candy drawer. Due to the constant monitoring and guidance this diet is good for those with low willpower.


  • Constant access to the Internet in order to sign up to and be assigned an adviser
  • A menu planner and recipes designed  for your plan, also available online

VERDICT: One of Jenny Craig’s success stories, Mark G, who lost 25lbs on the programme, had this to say, “My weight-loss has improved my health, sleep, and sports activities but what really has been important to me is the fact that by simply adding Jenny Craig to my daily activities (by meeting with my consultant, or setting up my day for success with the planned meals, or setting weekly goals and reviewing my progress) it’s added balance to my hectic life of juggling work and family.”

Ryan Penny, Clinical Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach for The Wellness Brothers, says,A true commercial weight loss program that has been around for long enough to tick all the right boxes in terms of convenience (pre-packaged meals), support (online, on the phone and in person) and plenty of medical backing (board of medical advisers). Sounds really good doesn’t it?

For many people it is, but for me personally, it isn’t. They provide a largely ‘synthetic’ solution that upholds the dietician’s mantra, ‘There is no such thing as a junk food, only food. Everything in balance and moderation’. This might well be acceptable to many people the world over but, as I have mentioned before, ‘Wellness first and then weight loss’. This approach overlooks the wellness aspect in favour of a convenience and commercial one.

I don’t think that Jenny Craig places the necessary emphasis on the need of the body for genuine whole food fuel, which again is my biggest criticism. In saying that I do commend them on the tremendous support they offer their users and the education in terms of proper portion control.”

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