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Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Takes Up Sewing

22 Mar 2017

The celebspawn made a dress for her mum from scratch!

Celebrity talents are clearly passed down from one generation to another! Jennifer Lopez's daughter is following in her great-grandmother's shoes by taking up sewing.

The Shades of Blue star's maternal grandmother was a seamstress and Lopez reveals her nine-year-old daughter Emme has been making some of her own clothes for a couple years.

"My grandmother was a seamstress... and Emme seems to have her spirit and she's taken to sewing," she told Live! with Kelly. "She's been doing it for a couple of years. She did her Halloween costume."

Emme has even created a one-of-a-kind dress for her superstar mum.

"This dress is short in the front, long in the back, my favorite colour, which is emerald green, and she gave it to me for Christmas," she continued. "And by the way, it fits beautifully. Honestly, I'm just not saying that because she's my daughter, it fit me perfect. It was beautiful."

Lopez's son Max, Emme's twin, is not as into fashion as his mum and his sister, but he recently pleaded with the singer to "wear pants more" during her All I Have Las Vegas residency shows.

"You know what Max said to me the other day. He said 'Mommy, why don't you wear pants in your show? You should wear pants more'," she said earlier this month.

Jennifer added the conversation was sparked by her residency outfits, and admitted: "I'm covered in crystals!"

"I was like, 'Baby, c'mon, Mommy's (a) showgirl'," she added at the Build Series talk in New York.

Young Max is also a stickler when it comes to how late his mother stays out for her concerts.

"The show doesn't even start till 9:30 (at night), it's a two hour show," she told host Kelly Ripa. "After that I have to wind down and I hang out... it's a late night. One night I'm hanging out... I'm thinking they're sleeping. All of a sudden my phone rings at three in the morning... and I look it's like, 'Mom, it's Max, it's 3AM, where are you?' And then a little while later I was like, 'Sweetie, why are you up?... Go to sleep, I'll be home soon, I'm still at the show.' A few minutes later he goes, 'Now it's 4AM...' That's who he is." 

Isn't it adorable how much her chldren care for her? JLo you must be one fantastic mum!