Jennifer Lopez Sues her Former Driver for $20 Million

Claiming extortion and blackmail, Jennifer Lopez wants Habob Manoukian to pay for targetting her
Thursday , 09 August 2012
Jennifer Lopez Sues her Former Driver for $20 Million
What is J-Lo afraid of?

Jennifer Lopez is hopping mad and she's hitting back. The
singer/actress claims that Hakob Manoukian, her former chauffer, demanded $2.8
million from her in return for his silence after overhearing secret
conversations she had with friends and associates.

J-Lo's case is a countersuit to a claim filed by
Manoukian, who previously alleged that he was forced to resign after the star's
manager Benny Medina publicly berated him.

In her suit, obtained by TMZ, the Dance Again
hitmaker says that power went to her former driver's head and he became upset
when he was told he couldn't control her security team, and be paid for doing

Jen claims that Manoukian retaliated by threatening to
reveal confidential information that would be highly embarrassing for her. She
is suing for damages in excess of $20 million.

So what could the "highly embarrassing" information be? Well, it
might have to do with new toy boy Casper Smart, formerly J-Lo's backing dancer,
or maybe even Marc Anthony, her ex. Watch this space for updates.

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