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Jennifer Lopez Receives Backlash after "All Lives Matter" Tweet

13 Jul 2016

People weren't very thrilled about it…

Jennifer Lopez has received backlash on social media after she tweeting a post featuring the controversial “All Lives Matter” hashtag.

On Tuesday, as part of the promotion of a new charity single called Love Make the World Go Around with Lewis Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the 46-year-old singer shared an image of the performance in New York City.

She captioned the photo using the hashtags #LoveMakeTheWorldGoAround and #AllLivesMatter but a few minutes later the Get Right star deleted her post. Unfortunately she wasn’t fast enough – people saw her tweet, causing a furore.  

The “All Lives Matter” hashtag is seen by many as diminishing the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was founded following the murder of black teen in 2012 and the deaths of young black men while being in police custody.

One twitter user wrote “Seeing Jennifer Lopez tweet All Lives Matter is extremely disappointing.” Another one accused her of cultural appropriation for some of her songs “Wait, J-Lo really said #AllLivesMatter like she didn’t make at least 17 attempts to be black between 1992 and 2000?”

A source close to J-Lo later claims the superstar didn’t mean to offend anyone with her tweet. The insider actually said “Honestly, she didn’t realise the implication of the hashtag. Once she did, she took the post down.”

Jennifer’s unfortunate tweet comes at a difficult time – two young black men were killed by cops and a sniper killed five police officers in Dallas last Thursday.