Is Jennifer Lopez Having Casper Smart Followed?

The star's bodyguard is rumoured to be watching J-Lo's boy toy
Sunday , 26 August 2012
Is Jennifer Lopez Having Casper Smart Followed?
Is Casper being watched?

weeks ago, we told you that Jennifer Lopez is afraid to dump her boy toy and choreographer Casper Smart
because she’s worried he’ll dish all the goss on her, but she’s also afraid to
give him the axe because she doesn’t want to feed her rep of having super
terrible taste in men!

A source, who allegedly witnessed them having a fight in her dressing room, revealed
to Star magazine, “Casper told J-Lo he is paranoid that he’s being
followed, and she said, ‘You’re damn right you’re being followed. The whole
world is watching you! If you f*** up one more time, it’s over!’”

So is Jen
having Casper followed? “Jennifer assigned Casper her personal
bodyguard to keep an eye on him because she trusts the guy and knows
he’ll tell her truth,” said the source, adding that Jen said Casper's “job is to
do what she says, look good and smile for the cameras.” Youch!

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