Jennifer Lopez Getting Married Again?

Sickly sweet PDA by Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart and a cryptic tweet by Roberto Cavalli spark wedding rumours
Wednesday , 21 March 2012
Jennifer Lopez Getting Married Again?
J-Lo blows a kiss to C-Smart

Currently in Mexico filming her music video for Follow The Leader, J-Lo is clearly besotted by her new beau Casper Smart. The 24-year-old toy boy is not only directing the video, but has also been feeding his lady a few donuts between takes! Gross or sweet?

This PDA comes just days after J-Lo refuted rumours that the pair are set to wed. Our first reaction when we heard this was – again?! The singer already has three failed marriages under her belt and has only been seeing Casper for a few months.

The rumours started following circulation of a tweet from designer Roberto Cavalli’s account, that read: “Today Jennifer Lopez called. She asking me to create a special dress for her next wedding! Which colour do you advise me?”

The internet was abuzz with speculation but much to our relief, the American Idol judge squashed the rumour, posting on her website: “Here’s the truth now: ROBERTO CAVALLI’S TWITTER ACCOUNT was hacked. The rumour is not true.” Phew, is all we can say!

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