Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's Stalker Arrested!

27 May 2013

Man accused of repeatedly harassing Jennifer Lawrence and claiming he was "her husband for life" charged, in police custody

Jennifer Lawrence's alleged stalker has been arrested after harassing her brother.

Zhao Han Cong, 23, of Vancouver, Canada, was taken into police custody after contacting her sibling Blaine Lawrence with over 200 phone calls, emails, and text messages, where he claimed to be Jennifer's "husband for life".

He also asked Blaine to put him in touch with Jen so he could "protect her", according to court documents.

Jennifer's family reportedly became extremely worried when he said "bad things" would happen, adding he "wouldn't kill anyone for sure," but "all hell's going to break loose".

FBI agents in Louisville, Kentucky, where Jennifer is from, charged him with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications earlier this month.

On April 18, Cong flew from Vancouver to Kentucky and approached the local police station to ask for Jennifer's mother's address when Blaine failed to answer any of his messages.

Police then took him into custody, interviewed him and had him admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

He was arrested after his hospital release and currently remains in police custody.