Jennifer Lawrence's Breakdown Fears!

Jennifer Lawrence's Breakdown Fears!

21 Aug 2013

Insisting she’ll ‘never’ make peace with the paparazzi and admitting she considers dumping her man over kitchen sponges, Jennifer Lawrence’s pals are rumoured to be scared for her sanity

Recently revealing that she was in therapy and prescribed behaviour medication as a child, sources close to Jennifer Lawrence have revealed they fear the Oscar winner is close to burnout after working continually for the past three years without a break.

Admitting that her ‘can’t say no’ approach to her stellar career has meant she hasn’t taken a holiday since 2010’s Winter’s Bone – spending just a couple of days in Hawaii back in February where she was famously spotted smoking what looked like illegal substances and drinking alcohol – the 23-year-old actress has also revealed that she’s struggling with her fame, insisting she is “not OK” with her celebrity.

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