Jennifer Lawrence: "I Dance Like a Baby Colt"

Jennifer Lawrence and her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper have spoken about The Hunger Games actress’ lack of dancing skills
Jennifer Lawrence: "I Dance Like a Baby Colt"
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper got up close and personal during the filming of Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley portrays character Pat Solatano, a man who is trying to rebuild his life after spending eight months in a mental institution, in the upcoming comedic drama.

Along the way Pat meets Jennifer’s character Tiffany and the two share an intimate dance scene that the young actress claims she struggled to pull off. “I am the worst dancer ever," Lawrence confessed to MTV News.

"No, I was supposed to suck after I already danced and sucked. It kind of explains why I move my body like a baby colt."

Bradley sympathised with Jennifer’s efforts to nail the dancing. Despite her two left feet, Bradley was impressed with the dedication Jennifer had to mastering the choreography. "We did it like three times a week for like a month,” Bradley revealed.

“God bless her. She worked so hard on that dance honestly. I didn't have the ability to because of the characters in the movie. And she rehearsed and killed it."

Silver Linings Playbook hits theatres November 21.