Jennifer Garner is not a model

Why the actress hates doing magazine shoots
Thursday , 11 February 2010
Jennifer Garner is not a model

Send Jennifer Garner on a gruelling press junket or make her jump from a 40-foot building in a film and she’ll do it with her trademark dimpled-cheek smile on her face. Put her in front of a camera for a magazine cover shoot however, and chances are you won’t see her pearly whites.

The Daredevil actress has revealed that she despises posing for magazine shoots because she hates having to live up to the standards of fashion models.

At 37-years-old, Jennifer is a mother of two, and quite frankly, it doesn’t show. But for the Valentine’s Day star, her body isn’t what it used to be and she’s not keen on parading it for anyone. She’s especially not happy about the new trend of having actors grace the covers of magazines, and wishes it would go back to the days when models were cover girls.

She says, "When I started (acting) models were on the covers of magazines and actors were actors. Then I started and this trend had began where suddenly you're supposed to be on magazine covers, which is hell on earth basically. I mean, these girls get paid for a reason. And now they expect actors to look like models and I don't wanna look like a model. I don't want to be a model."

But despite the image she has of herself and the so-called weight she gained after her pregnancy with her and husband Ben Affleck’s second daughter, Serafina, Jen has been criticised for her skinny frame by Hollywood heavyweights Julia Roberts and Shirley McClain.

At a press conference for the new romantic film in which they all star, Shirley turned to her younger peers, Jennifer, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel and asked, “I would like to ask all the women up here what they eat? I'd like to have a rundown. Do you diet all the time? You're looking so fabulous. Is it worth it?”

Embarassed by the question, Jen awkwardly defended her thin frame by saying, "I'm nursing. When I'm done, I'll puff right back up." To which Julia replied, “Good, alright, I'll stay tuned for that.”

Uh oh! Could this be the start of a new Hollywood feud?!