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Jennifer Garner Hires a Herd of Goats

17 Oct 2014

Dare Devil Star makes an unusual pet purchase to solve a household dilemma

Home owners take notes, because there’s a new solution to solving your graden pest infestations issues.

You might have heard that Jennifer Garner had a massive backyard party at her home, you’d probably imagine an endless flow of aristocratic and famous Hollywood pals, but hold that! Truth is the A-list party goers of this gathering were actually a herd of farm goats. The four-legged farm inhabitants  were exactly who the starlet had over while her hubby Ben Affleck was out of town shooting for the latest Batman installment.

Before you judge the starlet for her bizarre invitees, it turns out the couple had a lot of ivy in the backyard of their Los Angeles home, and sadly, ivy leads to rats and other unwelcome rodents!

And leave it to the 13 going on 30 starlet to find a unique, albeit bizarre, alternative to remove the pests: hire a herd of ivy-hungry goats to take care of it, by feasting on it.

“I rented a herd of goats and I sent that picture to Ben on location,” said 36-year-old Jennifer. “It was like his first day on the Batman set and I said, ‘Honey, I’m taking care of the ivy!””

"We had a party; we called it "The Running of the Goats" and they all showed up and we invited a bunch of kids and we herded them from the driveway to the ivy," Garner spilled on the Conan show. "They eat the ivy! Yes!"

Well, we’re really glad that Garner’s quaint plan worked out, however we can’t help but wonder about what she’s going to do with the goats hanging about her property.