Jennifer Garner & Gwen Stefani: Betrayed by the nanny!

Two of our fave couples split up thanks to affairs with the staff
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 13 August 2015
Jennifer Garner & Gwen Stefani: Betrayed by the nanny!
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Jen and Ben at the Vanity Fair party last year

It’s been a pretty rough month for celeb couples in Hollywood, but we were particularly disappointed when seemingly solid married couples Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced they were calling it quits. The worst part? It seems that both families have been ripped apart by a common cause – their kids’ nannies! 

The couple with their kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel 

When Ben and Jen initially announced their split last month after 10 years of marriage, many speculated about the reasons behind their break-up. While some believed Ben’s work schedule and close relationship with actress Margot Robbie was to blame, others claimed it was his gambling addiction. But, as it turns out, it was Ben’s wandering eye that was the last straw for Jen, specifically, his relationship with their 28-year-old nanny, Christine Ouzounian. 

If inside sources are to be believed, Gwen Stefani ought to swap notes with Jennifer. According to TMZ, Gwen Stefani ended her 13-year-long marriage to Gavin Rossdale because she “believed he had been unfaithful”. Just like Jen, Gwen believes he’s been cheating with the nanny. A source told Radar Online: “Gwen is absolutely devastated about the marriage ending, and she has been inconsolable. But she had no other choice. She was very suspicious that Gavin was involved with the nanny,” said the source.  

Jen had her suspicions about her husband’s affair with the help, but things reached boiling point when Ben was spotted partying in Las Vegas with nanny Christine by his side while Jen was in the Bahamas with the kids. She immediately fired Christine and proceeded to publicly announce their intention to divorce. The worst part? Since getting the axe, Christine has been living it up at the luxury Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles on Ben’s account! “Aside from taking care of her every need at the hotel, Ben has given her enough money to cover all her bills and expenses, plus spending money, for at least the next three months,” a friend revealed. She was also recently spotted arriving at Ben’s new bachelor pad in LA with a bottle of champagne. Understandably, Jen is said to be so “disgusted” by the affair that she’s refusing to take Ben’s calls and has cut off all contact with him, unless it’s about the kids. “What happened with Christine is the ultimate betrayal,” the source added. 

Similarly, Gwen also fired her nanny – whose name has not yet been made public – when she put two and two together. A close friend revealed: “Gavin always denied anything inappropriate, but her friends warned her that it seemed like there was something going on. She had no choice but to fire the nanny, and she no longer works for them.”

Gavin and Gwen at the premiere of The Bling Ring in 2013

The worst part about these two high-profile break-ups is that there are kids involved. Each couple has three young children together who are most affected by their fathers’ infidelities. Isn’t it ironic that the person that was hired to look after them is the person that is partly responsible for their broken families? 

Gwen with her sons Apollo, Zuma and Kingston

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