Jennifer Aniston's "Paranoid" Confession

Newly engaged Jennifer Aniston admits that she used to be stressed out and guarded all the time
Monday , 03 September 2012
Jennifer Aniston's "Paranoid" Confession
Is that Jennifer ANiston's stressed out look?

She's in a happy place after her recent engagement to Justin Theroux but Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she used to be quite the worrier and only "rediscovered" her hippy roots while shooting Wanderlust.

Jen starred alongside fiancé Justin and Paul Rudd in the comedy, which was out earlier this year. The film follows a Manhattan couple who experiment with living in a rural commune where free love rules. The star says the plot resonated with her.

"I was definitely a hippy in my early twenties. At least in regards to the clothes. I loved that style. And I do like the attitude of being a little bit more carefree," she told the UK edition of OK! magazine. "I actually rediscovered that while shooting Wanderlust. We were in a small town in the South and it was so great for me. I felt I was getting my anonymity back."

She continues, "My body just decompressed all of a sudden. It was very relaxing for me."

Jennifer says the downtime during filming was a welcome release for her. "It changed me. I realised how stressed-out and how paranoid I am all the time. I feel so guarded and that makes it difficult to relax," she added.

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