Jennifer Aniston's Diva Demands Revealed

04 Apr 2012

America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston really isn't so sweet after all

She’s known as America’s girl next door, and millions of women around the world chose Team Jen after Angelina Jolie hooked up with Brad Pitt, but Jennifer Aniston isn’t as easy going as we think!

UK Vogue’s editor Alexandra Shulman disclosed to Observer magazine this week that she refuses to put Jen on the cover of the prestigious mag because of the actress’s over-the-top demands. Not only does Jen want to approve her quotes and article copy, she also wants the final say on photos! “I’ve never had anybody on the cover, ever, who’s had copy approval and picture approval,” said the editor. She added, “I just don’t think it’s a proper thing if you do.” Jen? Not proper? That’s certainly a blow to her image!

But it is in line with her wanting to control everything in her A-list world – both professionally and personally.

Jen's Work

Jen owned Plan B Entertainment – a production company with ex-hubby Brad – and now she’s planning to start one for her and boyfriend Justin Theroux, an insider told OK! magazine. While it sounds like the company will weave together Jen and Justin’s work life, it should also give Jen more control over her movie roles, her future directing projects and his career. A source told OK!, “Giving up [Plan B] was something she always regretted… but with Justin, she feels she has a second chance. He has a number of scripts written, and Jen’s really pushing to get them made because she’s a huge fan of his work.” A big fan of his work and perhaps of keeping tabs on him as well? 

Her Relationship

Jen has spent some big bucks on her life with Justin lately, buying an 8,500-square-foot, Dhs77million mansion in LA’s posh Bel Air neighbourhood and outfitting it with the best features. She reportedly chose lights worth Dhs73,000 for the house! US Weekly reported that after the illuminating experience, she and Justin checked out some specialty furniture at the high-end boutique, Melrose Project. While all the luxury living sounds fantastic, Jen may be obsessing over keeping up a perfect appearance for her and Justin. An insider told In Touch magazine that she likes to have her say on his look and life and even “enlisted her longtime celebrity stylist Chris McMillan to give Justin a more flattering ‘do.” The source added that Jen weighs in on who Justin hangs out with and what he eats. During a trip to New York she allegedly “picked his entree and ordered for him!”Justin also recently told Access Hollywood that Jen’s “better at disciplining me than disciplining the dog!”

Sounds like Jen needs to take a cue from her big screen gig and learn to Just Go With It.