Jennifer Aniston loves it, but is Bikram Bad For Your Health?

Wednesday , 13 February 2013
Jennifer Aniston loves it, but is Bikram Bad For Your Health?
Is Bikram Bad For Your Health?

Bikram Yoga has become a bit of an exercise craze in recent years, with temperatures turned up to forty degrees centigrade, Bikram devotees will complete ninety minutes of intense yoga in the hot and steamy room. The idea is that the heat allows you to sweat more, burning off more calories, therefore accelerating weight loss. Bikram has a host of celeb fans including 90210’s Shenae Grimes, plus Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. But new reports are concerned with the health effects of the classes. Without eating properly before and after sessions, Bikram can become dangerous. While the results are great, it can become addictive and have adverse effects on your body. In moderation it can reap great rewards, but only with a healthy lifestyle. If you’re thinking of joining what has been named as the ‘fashionable yoga,’ make sure you do so with caution!

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