Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Notting Hill

Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Notting Hill

22 Oct 2019

Seems like 90s nostalgia is everywhere!

Jennifer Aniston may be new to the ‘Gram but girlfriend has certainly hit the ground running with it.

In a recent post she went in full self-deprecation mode as she showed the amount of work that goes into getting the perfect snap, while paying a tongue-in-cheek homage to the “Girl in front of a boy” speech by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

“I’m just a girl....standing with hair and makeup. A stylist. A photographer. A lighting crew, wind machine, props, and a computer.... asking you to think I woke up like this,” the actress captioned her first photo, striking a somewhat frumpy pose with an unimpressed expression. After swiping right, we see the glowing 50-year old as we know and love her.