Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's Fed Up of Baby Questions!

08 Aug 2013

Never mind those baby bump rumours, Jennifer Aniston hints that she has no plans to start a family with Justin Theroux anytime soon

Those baby bump rumours keep doing the rounds and now Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she is fed up of being asked if she is pregnant.

The We're the Millers star has even hinted that she has no plans to have a baby because she is "so content" with the family she already has.

The 44-year-old actress, who is engaged to Justin Theroux, told ABC News on Wednesday (7 August), "I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs, and I tune that noise out. I mean, I think it's very sweet that people want everything for me."

But she insisted that she is "so content and happy" as is, adding: "Well, what family means to me is the family I've chosen, and my friends and my partner are truly my family."

Jennifer, who was previously married to Brad Pitt, who now has six children with his fiancee Angelina Jolie, finds it frustrating when people ask questions about her family plans by "trying to relate it to the movie with, 'Oh, if I was to have a child how many kids do I want?' And 'do I want a boy or a girl?'"

She added: "I didn't realise you could place orders! I honestly didn't realise it was like a drive-through, that you could talk to a little electronic voice."

The actress, who plays an exotic dancer in her new movie alongside Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts, worked out six days a week for an hour to get in shape for the role.

She said: "Honestly it was the craziest workout. My diet has always been pretty clean but I think I was super, super strict, especially in terms of, I'll usually cheat once or twice a week and I just kind of didn't."