Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's New Love Nest

30 Nov 2011

The couple have splurged on a luxe hotel suite in Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston has splashed out a huge Dhs220,000 on a luxurious hotel suite in Hollywood for her and boyfriend Justin Theroux, after they were forced to leave their rented mansion because they were being pestered. Jen chose to rent a suite at the Sunset Tower Hotel, a hotel which she has been visiting for years.

A hotel worker revealed, “She likes it here because we respect her privacy. We’re under orders to make her stay perfect in every way. She’s a very generous tipper. She’s like family to us.”

The couple, who will stay in the suite for three months while they hunt for a house to buy, are said to have celebrated their six-month anniversary by the hotel pool with champagne and caviar.

In the same week, the happy pair had a very near miss with Jen’s former husband Brad Pitt, as he took his kids to see Martin Scorsese’s fantasy film Hugo at the ArcLight Cinema, leaving the theatre only five minutes before Jen arrived with Justin. Now that’s a close call!