Jen v Ange Oscars Showdown

What Hollywood is really looking forward to this Sunday
Thursday , 19 February 2009
Jen v Ange Oscars Showdown

While some might be wondering who's going to walk away with the major trophies at this Sunday's Oscars, the real question on everybody's lips is: Who will win the JEN vs ANGE showdown?

The day of reckoning is upon us and the event will see both women hit the red carpet at the same event for the first time.

While Jen will be attending the event as a mere celebtastic guest, Ange is actually nominated for Best Actress for her role in Changeling, while BRAD is up for the Best Actor gong for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

If both manage to pick up the prize in their respective fields, expect the cameras to dart straight to Jen just in time to catch her best I'm-happy-for-them-honest-faux smile.

As Ahlan! exclusively revealed two weeks ago, Brad had attempted to calm the tensions between the two women ahead of Sunday's show, but his plan had blown up in his face after it resulted in an almighty showdown.

Our spies told us: "Brad knew he better do something quick, or else the war between Jen and Ange was almost certainly going to spill on to the red carpet.

"Brad knew the two women would never be friends, but he was at least hoping they could be civil.

"Brad is dreading Oscar night, fearful that his current and former loves are going to have the mother of all smack downs."

We imagine that while she's hanging off brad's arm and gushing about their brood, Ange's face will be smugger than ever. But willl Jen step up and bring on/off arm candy JOHN MAYER along for the ride?

Who knows?? But we can't wait to find out first!