Jen dumped Brad!

The truth behind their split is finally revealed, but why has Jen kept it a secret for so long?
Wednesday , 12 March 2008
Jen dumped Brad!

For three years, we've all been led to believe that it was a cheating Brad who left his wife of four and a half years, Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. But last week, Jen's best friend, Sheryl Crow, sensationally revealed that it was actually Jen who walked out on their marriage!

"The perceived idea is that, in our big relationships, we both got dumped. Believe me, this is not true," revealed the rocker, who spilt from her fiancé, Lance Armstrong. "Neither one of us has ever gotten dumped. No one ever knows what goes on in relationships."

And while Jen's pals at the time insisted, "She was committed to the marriage, [but Brad] wanted to figure out who he was... without being married," insiders are now coming forward and agreeing with Sheryl.

"Once Jen [realised] her marriage was irretrievably broken, she dumped Brad," revealed an Aniston insider. "She and Brad had vastly different personal agendas and feelings about love, career and having a family."

So, with this shocking secret finally revealed, Ahlan! wonders why Jen has played the victim for so long, and whether that's why she may never find true love again...

Why Jen's been the victim for so long?!
1. To win public sympathy?
Jen might have been the one who filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, but the actress kept the public on her side by keeping quiet that it was actually she who walked out on Brad - even suggesting it was Brad who left the marriage first.

"My goal is to try and achieve a very deep, committed relationship," she said at the time of the split. "But it's someone's prerogative to be or not to be in or out of a relationship."

Jen also revealed that she was "struggling to accept a separation she never wanted" and claimed that Brad "just wasn't there for" her when she needed him.

And the former Friends star, who "burst into tears" when she first saw pictures of Shiloh, complaining to friends how that "could have been her baby", hit out at critics who suggested that Brad left because of her reluctance to start a family with him. experience for a career."

"I've never in my life said that I didn't want to have children," she cried. "I did and I do and I will! I've always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career."

2. To make Brangelina look Bad?
While Brad has continued to remain silent over the reasons behind his failed marriage to Jen, and Ange has said she'd "welcome" a meeting with her partner's ex - Jen has spent the last few years publicly blasting the pair, even though both of them have sworn that nothing happened between the two of them until after Brad and Jen had broken up.

"There's a sensitivity chip that's missing," Jen furiously said about Brad in her famous Vanity Fair interview, whilst failing to mention that she was the one who decided on the split and filed for divorce.

Jen even spoke of the "anger", "hurt"and "embarrassment" she felt over the breakdown of her marriage, insisting, "I am not defined by the part they're making me play in the triangle. It's maddening to me."

And while Brad and Ange have always claimed innocence over their relationship, Jen stated that the Troy actor had mentally "checked out" of their marriage when he met Angelina, hinting once again that it was Brad's decision to leave their marriage first.

3. To remain America's sweetheart?
Having built her fame and fortune around being everyone's favourite girl-next-door on the big (and small) screen, Jen was determined to cling onto her Queen of Romcom crown by making sure that everyone believed she wasn't the one responsible for the break-up of her marriage, and could therefore remain the good girl (literally!) throughout their very public break-up.

After 10 years as America's sweetheart on Friends and then on the big screen in films like Along Came Polly, Bruce Almighty and Picture Perfect, Jen couldn't risk being painted as the villain in her split from Brad and, instead, could take advantage of her broken heart to keep her fans and ensure she kept getting the romantic leads - just take a look at The Break-Up!

Ahlan! says:
Spending the last few years playing the heartbroken ex-wife seems to have backfired on Jen, as it many are now wondering whether her guilt over ending her marriage could also be the reason why she still hasn't found love.

And while rumours of romances have all ended as quickly as they began, pals of the actress reveal that 39-year-old Jen has given up on finding a new relationship and now spends most of her time alone while Brad continues to flourish in with Angelina and their growing brood.

We've all wondered why Jen hasn't managed to move on from Brad, and now, with this new revelation, we can't help but wonder whether she ever will? Maybe she just enjoys playing the victim too much...