Jen’s spending binge!

Worried pals reveal, “Jen’s love affair with John is draining her bank account!”
Wednesday , 04 March 2009
Jen’s spending binge!

To JENIIFER ANISTON, the credit crunch must be some kind of new breakfast cereal or something, because the actress has been splashing the cash like it’s going out of fashion.

Sources close to the star, who commands up to Dhs65 million-a-movie, say her spending has reached ELTON JOHN-esque proportions, and even her ex-boyfriends have claimed that her love for the finer things take precedent in Jen’s life.

“She likes top-notch hotels and luxury, and I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike,” revealed her actor ex, TATE DONOVAN, of the reason behind their split.

But in JOHN MAYER, Jen appears to have found a man more than willing to spend her money – and enjoy the benefits of her fat pay cheques.

Ahlan! reveals the shocking extent of Jen’s spectacular year-long spending spree...

A year in Jen's wallet

Dhs28.8 million on antiques, furnishings, finishes and furniture for her Malibu houses

Dhs18 million on renovations to her Beachfront home

Dhs10.8 million on security per year

Dhs3.6 million on landscaping

Dhs648,000 on dining out and socialising

Dhs432,000 on beauty and fitness treatments

Dhs90,000 on private jet transport for her and John's recent holiday to the Bahamas

Dhs72,000 on her recent 40th birthday celebrations

Dhs38,160 on four nights for her and John in a deluxe bimini cottage at the Pink Sand Resort in the Bahamas

Total:Dhs62.4 Million

Johnny cash!

“It’s not helping that John is a cheapskate,” snaps a friend of Jen’s. “He never pays and always whines to Jen that she makes more than him. This love affair is draining Jen’s bank account!”

And other pals of the star have voiced concerns that the stress of the on-off relationship is behind her spendthrift ways – “At this rate, Jen is liable to go broke. She is a spendaholic and the more stressed she is, the more she spends.”

With John’s rumoured tightness one of the reasons behind their first break-up, insiders have revealed that John had promised to pay for the pair’s Bahamian getaway, but then balked at the cost, adding that Jen always picks up the tab for dinner.