But Jen’s Going It Alone!

08 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Jen’s far from being a "desperate spinster on the hunt for a baby-donor." She’s looking forward to life as a single mum...

Goodbye John
Contrary to tabloid reports that Jen was desperate to reconcile with her ex JOHN MAYER because she’s desperate to have a baby with him, Ahlan! can reveal that it is in fact John who has been trying to rekindle their romance, but Jen’s not interested.

According to insiders, John has been bombarding JEN with text messages, but she’s been deleting them. “He tried reaching out to Jen with text messages, but she never responded,” said a source. “He was really hurt that she didn’t want to talk.”

And last week, a perturbed looking Jen was spotted buying a phone – suggesting that she’s so fed-up with John’s harassment, she’s changed her number.

Happier alone
Since her split with John, Jen has enjoyed a string of dates with Gerard Butler and Alec Baldwin, but ultimately Jen has decided she’s happier alone and doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy. “I’m grateful that the public is still interested in my life, and I hope that I can justify their interest. People are so kind, ultimately. And I’m happy, so don’t worry about me,” says the 39-year-old.

Adoption plans
Not that the lack of a baby’s father in the picture is going to put Jen off motherhood. When the time’s right, she’s told friends she’ll adopt. She’s watched good friend Sheryl Crow adopt a baby boy as a single mum and knows it’s possible.

Friends say Jen is so set on going it alone, she’s even picked out a baby name. “Jen picked a name for her son from her Greek roots. She decided to name him Alexander - which means defender of men. She even jokes that he’ll grow up to be the best divorce attorney in Hollywood,” spilled a pal.
Now it’s not a case of ‘if’… but when!

Jen’s potential baby daddies

Alec Baldwin
Not a promising contender, given his very public spat with daughter Ireland (remember the leaked voicemail?) Not future-father material.

John Mayer

Immature and attention-seeking, the only reason John would be interested in having Jen’s kids would be to get his picture back in the newspapers.

Gerard Butler
Enjoying the first flush of A-list success, Gerard has proved too flighty to settle down. He’s enjoyed flings with Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Jen – all in the space of a few months. Nice arm candy but not for the long-term.

Mystery ‘Older Man’

Last month, Jen was spotted looking cosy in Mexico with a mystery older man. Perhaps it was her post-John attempt at searching for security, but when you’ve been married to Brad, a wrinkly old-timer ain’t going to cut it.

Shemar Moore
The cute Criminal Minds actor has confessed to a crush on Jen. He also admitted “a lot of guys got a crush on this girl.” Join the queue, Shemar!