Jen’s Age-Defying Diet

29 Oct 2008

She hits the big 4-0 next year, but how does Jennifer Aniston still have the body of a 20-year-old?

With a pancake-flat tum, cellulite-free thighs and arms that have never even heard of bingo wings, Jennifer Aniston’s body makes women half her age weep with envy. But far from being blessed with the sort of figure requiring no work, Jen’s incredible physique is the result of serious hard graft.

Sick of people focusing on her failed romances, Jen’s shifted her focus to a total career and image overhaul. Recently fleeing to her favourite beach resort in Mexico’s Los Cabos to continue re-evaluating her life, the actress flaunted a bikini body that could have belonged to a woman – and a very lucky woman at that! – years younger.

Workout to music
Jen’s new yoga teacher, Mandy Ingber, is helping to make Jen’s body even better than before.

Practicing the most complex of yoga positions to music three times-a- week, the non-traditional workout helps to de-stress Jen, leaving her energised and worry-free. To maximise the benefits of her yoga sessions, Jen pounds the treadmill for 20 minutes at a 1.5 per cent incline before she begins stretching to warm up her muscles.

Mix and match
Variation in exercise and environment are the keys to maintaining a great body, and Jen doesn’t confine her workouts to the gym.

When she’s not practicing musical yoga outdoors, she’s punching out her stress on a boxing bag at home, or doing budokon with bestie Courteney Cox. Jen also uses kettlebells to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle tissue, and is a fan of paddle surfing.

Curve control
Admitting her dad once told her she had a behind so big “you could serve tea off it”, Jen works extra hard to keep her naturally curvy frame in check.

A devotee of the new and improved Atkins approach, Jen’s diet consists of small portions of healthy carbs like wholegrain bread, wild or brown rice and wholemeal pasta, along with low-fat protein like grilled chicken and turkey, poached eggs, lean red meat and fish.

Smoothie talker
Complementing her tough workout regime with a strict but healthy diet, Jen is said to swear by a new rhubarb smoothie plan which has helped her lose over five kilos.

After every meal, she knocks back a blend of ice, rhubarb and guava – a fruity treat packed with immunity-boosting antioxidant properties, that she claims helps to speed up her metabolism, and help curb her sweet tooth.

Eat like this, and watch the years slip away…

(Choose one of the following)
Two boiled eggs on one slice of wholegrain toast
A bowl of muesli with blackberries and skimmed milk
A bowl of porridge with skimmed milk, topped with dried fruit
Followed by a rhubarb and guava shake

(Choose one of the following)
Chicken salad with lettuce, tuna, cucumber, tomato and peppers
Baked potato filled with a small can of tuna and a side salad
Chicken salad sandwich on wholegrain bread
Followed by a rhubarb and guava shake

(Choose one of the following)
Two-egg and tomato omelette with side salad
Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with wholemeal noodles
Salmon fillet with bulgar wheat and roasted vegetables
Followed by a rhubarb and guava shake

(Choose two)
Pot of low-fat yoghurt, handful of crudités with hummus, handful of raw nuts, fruit.