Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai

The designer who’s found leaving social media behind has made her more creative
Monday , 03 April 2017
Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai
Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai
  • Last year, I moved production for my label Jelena Bin Rai, from Portugal to Italy. I’d connections from my modelling days as I’d worked a lot for Max Mara and other Italian brands so I knew the factories and I’d seen how they built their collections. 

  • I stopped using Instagram in December. I decided I didn’t want this parallel life any more – so much of social media is an imaginary world and I wanted to be ‘present’ and not spend my time searching for visual ideas online and being influenced by trends. 

  • When I switched off my personal Instagram I had 37,000 followers, I left them a message to say I was missing the era of my childhood, I wanted to go back to my roots and be without this technology, and I just said goodbye. In the same hour, old friends in Serbia started calling me and it was announced in the press all over the country – but everyone was very supportive, there’s a view that many people are hooked on social media. 

  • Once I’d stopped, I started focusing on my own ideas and theories, and as a result became more creative. I believe my most recent collection is my best to date. 


Instagram: @jelenabindrai, @aldaclinic