Jean-Marc Bled

The leisure manager launching uniquely themed attractions
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Jean-Marc Bled
Jean-Marc Bled
  • In 2016, as General Manager of Leisure and Entertainment at Meraas, I’ve opened four different and uniquely themed attractions, Mattel Play! Town, Hub Zero, The Green Planet and Roxy Cinemas. 
  • There’s no secret to success – hire and recruit the best possible team, it’s all about the team. I was once given a piece of good advice, which was to select people because they are different from you, not because they are similar. Never be afraid to think differently. It’s allowed me to believe in my ideas, even if they were unconventional.

  • I love my work as there’s no ‘typical day’ in our business, and no two days are the same. On a single morning, I can review a cinema programme, meet a ride supplier by 11am, have lunch with one of our licence partners, then give an interview about Green Planet to a TV channel and have a budget review to close the day. 

  • When I’m not working, family time is always a priority I look forward to. I also discovered Skydiving two years ago and I try to jump as often as possible.

  • My secret is that I have three kidneys. It’s not really interesting, nor useful, but you asked for a secret… 


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