Jealous Marc Hates JLo’s Saucy Image

Shock story behind Marc Anthony's control over Jennifer Lopez' life
Monday , 25 July 2011
Jealous Marc Hates JLo’s Saucy Image
Singers Marc Anthony (L) and Jennifer Lopez

Following the explosive news that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez filed for divorce last week, the truth behind their shock split has been revealed – it was Marc’s controlling and jealous behaviour that was to blame.

Sources have spilled all about his obsession to keep JLo under the thumb, explaining how he hated her sexy image so much that his comments made her feel insecure. “He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy,” said a source. “He likes her to dress in a demure, ‘wife’ style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol.”

We revealed last week that Marc wanted Jen to concentrate on being a mum to their twins Emme and Max, and that he disliked how she was the breadwinner with her role on American Idol and her successful new album.

The source continued, “Marc’s always been a very dominating husband. He wants to control everything Jennifer does.” Later suggesting Jen felt suffocated by his “antagonising behaviour” something that perhaps made her concentrate more on her career as a form of escapism.

“She tried so hard to make this marriage work. She put up with Marc’s controlling ways, which had been going on for a long time, and she was really trying to make the best of it.”

Adding, “He would micro-manage their lives together. I know she tried very hard, and for a long time, to act like it didn’t bother her, but I know it did. A lot. He would hover over her, and it was almost antagonising. She couldn’t breathe.”

Turning back to her work since – she’s currently filming a new flick What To Expect When You’re Expecting – an insider said, “She’s burying herself in work. It’s the one thing that’s helping to keep her mind off the current situation.”

Ever the ardent businesswoman she’s determined not to let the demise of her seven year marriage get in the way of Latino talent show Q’viva! she’s launching with Marc. “They’re both committed to Q’viva! and will work on it as planned,” said a spokesperson yet it’s thought Jen is going to pull out of fronting the show.

The pair are also continuing their contact with Kohl’s to produce a fashion line, yet with the retailer revealing the deal was always to have two separate lines it seems, Marc and Jen already predicted trouble in their relationship. A source said, “The Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brands have always been positioned as two separate, distinctive collections, offering high-quality style for men and women.”

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