Jay-Z's music is officially BACK on Spotify for a random reason

Users were delighted that they could once again listen to the rapper's best hits
ByTeam Ahlan!Friday , 06 December 2019
Jay-Z's music is officially BACK on Spotify for a random reason
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Jay-Z thrilled fans on Wednesday as he marked his 50th birthday by restoring his entire back catalogue to Spotify. The rap icon had previously removed the majority of his work after launching his own Spotify rival, Tidal, back in 2014.

While the star left Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life, along with his 2004 album with Linkin Park, Collision Course, he has since re-uploaded seminal records like American Gangster, Watch The Throne and The Black Album for fans to enjoy.

In a post on Twitter, Spotify's official page shared: “Happy birthday, Hov. Welcome back to Spotify”. It remains unknown whether the move is permanent or whether the records will be removed at a later date.

Soon after the rapper's return to the platform was announced, fans took to Twitter to share their delight at being able to listen to their favourite artist once again.
"Ya have no idea how stressful and annoying it was to have Spotify and not be able to listen to Jay Z on there," wrote one user, while another added: "Power move." 

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