Jaws Screened in the Water!

Jaws Screened in the Water!

07 Jul 2015

The shocking flick is turning 40... and film fans got their feet wet to watch it!

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into water, Jaws hits cinema screens once again!

The terrifying shark flick turns 40 this year – and one bar showed it to punters who were forced to float offshore.

Film fans floated in flimsy rubber rings for the event, reported Time Out Dubai.

They pulled on their swimming gear and ventured out to see the legendarily scary movie, in which a seaside resort is terrorised by a shoal of deadly Great Whites.

Most frightening of all, guests at Texas Ski Ranch, in the US city of Austin, had to sign waivers after being told at least 10 rather large fish would be joining them for dinner!

We hope one of the UAE’s many swim-up bars does something similar here – we could actually get into the sea!