Japanese soy sauce BANNED in Dubai

Alcohol has been detected in tested samples
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 09 August 2017
Japanese soy sauce BANNED in Dubai

Ladies and gentlemen, raid your pantries for Kikkoman soy sauce!

The japanese condiment has been banned from UAE shelves by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) due to its alcohol content.

The product will no longer be imported from Japan, or circulated in the UAE in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. (539) of 2012 on the Standard Guide to the Procedures for the Prohibition of Handling and Banning of Food, reports Khaleej Times. 

The decision to ban Kikkoman was made based on the results of tests conducted by specialised accredited laboratories, which confirmed that several samples of the product contained traces of alcohol.

The ministry also clarified that this decision targets specifically Kikkoman soy sauce made in Japan and does not include Kikkoman products produced in other countries. 

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