Janet Jackson's Downfall

Is the singer using family planning to cover up her failing career?
ByJJ AnisiobiTuesday , 19 April 2016
Janet Jackson's Downfall
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What is happening with Janet Jackson?
She may have rocked Meydan Racecourse last month as she brought the curtain down on the Dubai World Cup, but as Janet Jackson delays the her ill-fated world tour once again, the rumours are starting to circulate that all is not as it seems.
Family Comes First
The Rhythm Nation singer, 49, first rescheduled the start of her Unbreakable World Tour back in December for throat surgery, and then again just three weeks before the trek was due to start in March. And although Janet kept schtum about the reasons at the time, she’s finally broken her silence, citing doctor’s advice for her to rest so she can start a family. “I thought it was important you be the first to know,” she told fans in a Twitter video. “My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m gonna have to delay the tour.” And while new dates haven’t been confirmed yet, she promised fans she’ll be back, stating: “I will continue the tour as soon as I possibly can.”
Is it All Lies?
But Team Ahlan! isn’t quite buying her explanation, with sources telling us exclusively: “Janet cancelled her European tour because they didn’t sell enough tickets. It would have been embarrassing for her to perform to empty stadiums.” An insider at Live Nation told Page Six it’s down to other business, suggesting that, “historically when an artist postpones pieces of the tour, it’s because they’re not selling – so why would it be any different for Janet?” For her sake, we hope the singer really is incubating the new generation of the Jackson 5, but time will tell. Looks like she might not be so unbreakable after all…

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