Janet Jackson Vows to Prove Michael's Will is Invalid!

The singer's stepped up her ongoing feud with Michael's executors
Sunday , 05 August 2012
Janet Jackson Vows to Prove Michael's Will is Invalid!
Janet's not done fighting!

The Jackson family drama isn’t going away anytime soon!
Janet Jackson has turned up the heat with late brother Michael Jackson’s
executors, claiming that they are “damaging fundamental family
relationships" and banning her from visiting her mother Katherine.

Blair G Brown, the lawyer representing Janet, Rebbie and
Randy Jackson, has addressed reports about the 82-year-old matriarch's alleged
disappearance at the end of July, calling administrators' John Branca and John
McClain’s "negative" media campaign "relentless".
Katherine, who has been the guardian of Michael’s kids, Paris, Blanket and
Prince, since Michael’s death, was reported missing during a trip to Arizona and
then stripped of sole guardianship of the three children. She now shares
responsibility with her grandson TJ.

Janet, Rebbie and Randy’s lawyer issued the following
statement about his clients: "Since the loss of Michael, Janet, Randy, and
Rebbie's principal concern has been and continues to be for the safety and
well-being of Michael's children, their mother Katherine Jackson, and the
entire family. Unfortunately, those people have been harmed by the actions of
the executors of Michael's estate.”

The lawyer stated that the executors have “also recently
issued a notice barring Janet, Randy, and Rebbie from visiting their 82-year-old
mother and Michael's children. The effect of that notice not only is to damage
fundamental family relationships, it is also to isolate Katherine Jackson from
anyone questioning the validity of Michael's will."

So is it all about Michael’s millions? The feuding
siblings say it’s not and say they have nothing to gain financially by proving
their brother's will was faked prior to his death in June 2009.Their lawyers
stated that they have “no financial motive whatsoever”. And the drama

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