Janet breaks her silence!

17 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Singer speaks about Michael’s death for the first time and reveals who is to blame

JANET JACKSON has broken her silence about her brother MICHAEL's death, sensationally blaming his personal physician, DR. CONRAD MURRAY, for the tragedy.

In a new TV interview - her first since the King of Pop's passing in June - Janet Jackson insists Murray, who is at the centre of a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death, is "responsible", adding, "He was the one that was administering (the drugs that killed Jackson)."

In the ABC News exclusive - due to air on Wednesday - Janet says Murray should no longer be able to practice medicine.

She also talks about the day Michael died, revealing how she found out the tragic news: "I was at my house in New York. And I get a call... (my assistant) said, 'Your brother's been taken to the hospital. It's on CNN right now.' I called everyone's (sic). There's a line busy or - someone wasn't picking up. I spoke to mother. I spoke to Tito. I spoke to my nephew Austin. I spoke to my sister La Toya.

"I told them to call me when they got to the hospital. And I remember thinking nobody's calling me back, so I tried calling again, and that's how I found out that he was no longer... I couldn't believe it.

"It just didn't ring true to me. It felt like a dream. It's still so difficult for me to believe. It's, you know, you have to accept what is. But it's hard. You have to move on with your life. You have to accept what is and I understand that."

Murray's attorneys have denied the doctor did anything wrong and no charges have been filed against him.

Law enforcement sources have told the Los Angeles Times newspaper that Murray left Jackson alone and under the influence of a powerful anaesthetic on the morning of the pop star's death. By the time the doctor returned from making telephone calls, Jackson had stopped breathing.

Murray has been identified in court records as a suspect in a police manslaughter investigation.