Jamie Lynn And Maddie "Almost Died"

Traumatic birth nearly cost mum and baby their lives
Tuesday , 01 July 2008
Jamie Lynn And Maddie "Almost Died"
Worried: Jamie Lynn

New mum JAMIE LYNN SPEARS was in danger of losing her baby and her life in the delivery room, according to a shocking new tabloid report.

America's National Enquirer claims doctors were forced to perform a Caesarean section on the teenager after discovering she and her baby daughter were in danger of bleeding to death.

The publication reports Spears was diagnosed with marginal placenta previa just before she gave birth to baby MADDIE BRIANN on June 19th, and medics weren't taking any chances.

The condition, where part of the placenta extends to the mother's cervix, can be fatal.

And insider says, "Jamie Lynn was sick with worry. It was a lot for a 17 year old to handle."

The emergency took place 10 days before Spears' actual due date, according to sources.