James Franco: The Odd One

James Franco's list of seriously strange selfies gets longer and longer...
ByJJ AnisiobiSunday , 27 April 2014
James Franco: The Odd One
What a mug shot!

He might be tall, dark and handsome with a six-pack to die for, but James Franco is definitely one of Hollywood’s strangest leading men, and the 36-year-old, who recently celebrated his birthday, seems to be growing odder by the day with his random and, at times, questionable conduct making as many headlines as his films. 

Team Ahlan! was convinced that Shia LaBeouf was the world’s weirdest young thespian, but James’ recent behaviour could be put forward as reasoned argument for Franco to snatch that title. His extremely awkward hosting of the 2011 Oscars, followed by his poor acting and bad hairstyle choice in the flop flick Spring Breakers, were the early warning signs that this brooding stud was harbouring a peculiar personality. Our suspicions were then confirmed earlier this month when Franco was caught trying to chat up a 17-year-old girl on Instagram. “I’m embarrassed,” he admitted, adding, “I’m just a model of how social media is tricky.” The ‘model’ then reminded us once again of what an oddball he is by sharing another selfie of himself in bed! The Pineapple Express star is rather partial to a selfie while lying on his luxury mattress, so we decided to collate a selection of photographs from his peculiar duvet days.

The “I have a pen on my chest” shot was one of his best

His shoulder’s gonna feel sore in the morning

Do all actors wear coats in bed?

The classic salad and burger in bed shot 

This is a bit too close for comfort

Franco nailed the crazy psycho selfie

The Crazy Keeps On Coming...

Weirdest... Film Role
This is the End 2013
Surrounded by his celeb mates, James had a fairly bizarre outing performing as himself in what one Ahlan! team member described as “really, really weird”.

Weirdest... Music Video
Bound 3 2013
Watching Seth Rogen and Franco spoof Kimye’s pop offering by cuddling up on a motorbike is odd. Funny, yes, but fairly odd.

Weirdest... use of Social Media 
Instagram 2014
Using his fame to organise a hotel hook-up with Scottish teenager Lucy Clode by bombarding her with messages on Instagram was not his finest moment. 

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