James Bond is set to hit Dubai

James Bond is coming to Dubai

18 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

New novel is based on the Middle Eastern city

Jeffery Deaver has announced that the new James Bond novel is being set in Dubai. The book Carte Blanche which is being released in May will see the Middle Eastern city as the backdrop for the 007 adventures.

“When I thought about the setting for the new book I thought immediately about Dubai,” Deaver spilled. “Not only is it an incredibly fun, wonderful and exhilarating place but it retains at its heart an exotic core.”

“If Ian Fleming had lived to write more books I’m sure this would have been the place he would have chosen to set at least one of them,” he continued.

Jeffery has been commissioned by the estate set up by the original author Ian Fleming to write the book.

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