James Blunt’s Plane Scare

Things got dicey on James Blunt's flight, but at least he was over Dubai as it happened
Tuesday , 06 March 2012
James Blunt’s Plane Scare
James has been flying high in Dubai

The singer was in a terrifying plane scare, but at least it happened over scenic Dubai! Flying from the UK to Afghanistan to perform for British troops, his plane suffered a mechanical malfunction and was forced to make an emergency landing. James tweeted, “We’re circling over Dubai... I can see the world’s tallest building below... We have an air leak. It’s become very cold on the aircraft. Only 30mins short of Camp Bastion, but we’re heading back to Cyprus.” When he was here for Jazz Fest we heard he got very cuddly with a British fan – perhaps he was just keen to drop in for a little visit?

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