Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift a match made in music heaven?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift?

25 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Spotted: Two love birds getting cosy in New York

Jake Gyllenhaal, 29, and Taylor Swift, 20, are dating. The couple who have been spotted out and about in New York at the weekend, have made no attempts at keeping their hot new love for each other under wraps.

Taylor even brought Jake to watch Saturday Night Live. According to a spy Tay was surrounded by her body guards who were sitting next to her, but they were given orders to shuffle down when Jake arrived. "They chatted a lot, but no kissing or hand holding or anything affectionate," said the spy. Well, well, well.

So is Taylor just hard up on music material at the moment or is she really on the look out for a new bf? "Every person I've fallen for, they've all been a song." Look out Jake!

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