Jaden’s Millions

For a 12-year-old celebuspawn its not bad going
Thursday , 12 May 2011
Jaden’s Millions
© Actor Jaden Smith
Actor Jaden Smith

Why? It may sound harsh to be hating on a kid that’s 12, but when that kid has more money in their bank account than we do – around Dhs750 in case you’re wondering – then we think we’re within our rights. This week it was revealed that Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith received a multi-million dollar pay out for the Karate Kid remake. He was only 10 when he filmed it! While already scooping a total of Dhs684,000 upfront, when the movie topped Dhs550 million in the box office, he locked down another Dhs7.3 million bonus. And if that doesn’t make you feel sick, this fortune still makes him the poorest in his family...

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