Jade Has Cancer

Big Brother star told on TV
Tuesday , 19 August 2008
Jade has been diagnosed with cancer
Jade has been diagnosed with cancer
Jade when she arrived in India earlier in the week
Jade when she arrived in India earlier in the week

British TV star JADE GOODY has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The mum-of-two was given the news on television where she is appearing on India’s Big Brother programme.

The 27-year-old was appearing on the programme with Bollywood star SHILPA SHETTY, when she was called to the diary room and given the news.

The TV star broke down in tears and told other housemates she had a suffered some 'bad news' and that she had to leave the house.

Her spokesman said today Jade is “devastated” and will be flying home to the UK to see her specialist.

He said: 'She is devastated. It is a terrible thing to be told you have cancer.

'She broke down while she was on air and told some of the other housemates she had some bad news and had to go home.

'When I spoke to her she was very upset, frightened and I tried to reassure her as best I could.

'It looks like her cancer is at an early stage but we will have to wait until she gets back to Britain and sees a specialist and has more tests.'

Jade had recently undergone tests after collapsing at her home on August 2nd, but flew to India earlier this week to appear on the show, as part of her re-building her image after her disastrous appearance on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter www.ahlanlive.com/newsletter