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Jacques Hanna

29 Mar 2018
By Ahlanlive.com

A well- respected and renowned Dubai celebrity hairstylist and business owner at Jacques La Coupe salon. He's certainly working hard for our locks

  • After being in the business for almost two decades, we started franchising. We currently have two new outlets in the UAE and have signed to expand internationally, too.
  • The UAE is a cosmopolitan place and a land of opportunity, with the latest luxury lifestyle. I find myself very blessed and grateful to be here and call UAE “home”. It is also where my children were born.
  • I am very passionate about what I do and I find satisfaction with the end result that I give my clients. I am always eager to learn more every day, even after a very long time in this field.
  • To be honest, I look up to myself in five years time. I always set a target and goal for myself to achieve, and that’s who I look up to.
  • The secrets to my success have to be passion and being hands-on and involved in my business. It is not just the name of a beauty salon, as I always make sure that I am available and involved, regardless of how busy I am.
  • The best advice I’ve been given is to be a g ood listener and listen to understand rather than have an answer for everything. Also, learn from others’ mistakes.