Jacksons Demand THIRD Autopsy

06 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

MJ’s mother convinced he was murdered!

MICHAEL JACKSON's family is reportedly demanding a third autopsy to find out how the King Of Pop died.

The singer suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on 25 June (09) and the Los Angeles coroner's office conducted a three-hour autopsy the following day in a bid to explain the tragedy.

There was no indication of foul play but Jackson's grieving family asked for a second autopsy of his body to take place just days later (29Jun09).

The results are due to be made public this week, and Katherine Jackson is adamant they will show that her son's sudden death was not the result of natural causes, because he was "too young" to pass away so suddenly.

In an interview last weekend, she declared,  "All I know is that my son is dead, and I don't think he just died of natural causes or whatever. He's too young for that. Something happened, I don't know what it was and I can't say."

And the Jackson family matriarch is so determined to discover how her beloved son died, she and the rest of the famous clan have asked for a third autopsy on Michael's body, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

A source tells the publication, "Katherine looked at the second autopsy, and she wasn't happy with what it did not reveal to her."

Reports suggest Jackson could have died from a prescription drug overdose.